Monday, July 26, 2010

Custom Toll Free Doesn’t Lock Up Numbers

There is a post floating around the internet claiming that Custom Toll Free “locks up” people’s numbers. More absurdly it says that if you think this has happened to you then you should not call Custom Toll Free but another company instead. Does that make any sense? No, of course not, because it’s just a ploy from a competitor wanting to promote his own services.

The truth is that during the order process the Custom Toll Free website will reserve an available number just to make sure that number is still available. It wouldn’t be right to allow someone to sign up for a number that can’t be activated. Numbers are not reserved just by searching for them, as some would have you believe, but only after starting down the actual order process. If the number wasn’t reserved at that point then someone else could easily beat you to the punch while you were still filling out the forms.

Additionally, if you don’t complete the order process and want to use the number through a different carrier then simply contact Custom Toll Free and a friendly representative will help to release that number from the pending reservation queue.

That’s why Mr. Competitor doesn’t want you to call Custom Toll Free, because if you found this out it would just blow holes in his story and make him seem less credible. By trying to instill unfounded fears he is just insulting your intelligence. There’s no mystery to the system and anyone can see why reserving a number as early as possible in the order process is clearly in the customers best interests.

Custom Toll Free not only reserves readily available numbers but also premium numbers that are under exclusive management contracts. You won’t find these amazing numbers anywhere else. That means Custom Toll Free can provide you with access to the largest searchable database of toll free numbers on the net. At Custom Toll Free you have a better chance of finding that one toll free number to brand your company and rocket you to the next level of success. Don’t be fooled by misinformation, search for numbers at Custom Toll Free and find out what you’ve been missing.

Can Custom Toll Free Numbers Create Brand Loyalty?

A custom toll free vanity number is simply a phone number that spells something when you translate the numbers into letters using the alpha-numeric characters on a telephone keypad. Some of the most well known custom toll free numbers are 1-800-FLOWERS and 1-800-CONTACTS. By using a word instead of random digits a custom toll free number becomes memorable and therefore customer recall of your phone number increases by an astonishing rate.

It’s a well known fact that people remember words better than numbers. Paul Szauter in an article for said “This is easy to understand, because we all remember things that we care about, and most of us don't care very much about numbers.”

Custom toll free numbers give companies a huge advantage in branding and brand continuation. It’s not only important to establish a strong and consistent brand but also to propagate brand image and increase brand recognition. As in the above examples custom toll free numbers can not only be key contributing factors to brand success and awareness but may also become the brand itself. In this way companies have the highest possible consistency in their brand, brand image, and in marketing of the branding message.

Design companies such as Attitude Design in the UK state that brand consistency is the number one rule of marketing because a consumer needs to be exposed to a brand an average of 17 times before they purchase. By using a custom toll free number in your branding you have a much lower chance of being confused with your competitors and a higher rate of brand recognition which in turn means higher customer loyalty and better referral rates.

If you are looking to re-focus your brand or establish a new brand using custom toll free numbers then search out a consulting firm that can help you determine the best path through the often confusing world of custom toll free numbers.

by Christy Brugger

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Need a Custom Toll Free Number? Think 1-855.

As most ad writers will tell you, nothing makes people's eyes light up like the word "free."

Hence the popularity of toll free calling, in which the party receiving the call bears the full cost of the call. The first toll-free numbers were pioneered by phone companies and travel bureaus in the 1960s, but the idea spread to other industries in the 1980s through AT&T, which then had a monopoly on 1-800 numbers.

It wasn't until the 1990s that someone came up with the idea of creating numbers that corresponded with phone dials or keypads to spell a business or product name. The best-known custom toll free number is probably 1-800-356-9377 — also known as 1-800-FLOWERS.

Although custom toll free numbers are known as "vanity numbers," they are based not on corporate egotism but on cognitive research. Studies show that people are far more likely to remember a word than a number, so a custom toll free number is ideal for use in print, radio, or TV advertising, and in signage.

How popular are these "phoneword" numbers today? A highly desirable custom toll free number such as 1-866-LAWYERS or 1-888-NEWLOAN can be worth many thousands of dollars. In fact, in a bankruptcy proceeding, one of the most valuable assets of a company can be its vanity toll free number.

The process of obtaining a good custom toll free phone number is similar to the process of getting a good domain name — and both are becoming more difficult every day. Toll free numbers are assigned through several hundred Responsible Organizations (RespOrgs) that include both telephone companies and independent companies, some of which specialize in toll free numbers and vanity numbers for business use.

Just as the best .com and .biz domain names have been quickly snapped up, the supply of vanity toll-free numbers in the existing toll-free area codes (800, 888, 877, and 866) is pretty much exhausted. As a result, on October 1, 2010, the Federal Communications Commission is rolling out a whole new toll-free area code: 855.

Chris Rugh, a veteran of the custom toll free number industry, calls the advent of 855 "the most important intellectual property release in the toll-free industry of the past decade."

Businesses that have waited in vain for a phone word with a popular 800 prefix to become available will now have a shot at getting the desired custom toll free phone word with the 855 prefix. And, just as with domain names, there will be some businesses willing to pay to keep a competitor from getting at a good "phoneword."
If you're looking for a vanity toll free number to match a business name, product name, or domain name, this is the time to start exploring possibilities in the new 855 area cod